East & Gulf Coast Labor Contract Update

The ILA contract covering most of the East and Gulf coast ports expired on 09/30/2012.  The ILA and the USMEX agreed to extend the contract until 12/29/2012, to keep the ports open and working.  However, at this time a resolution is not expected as both sides appear to be far from agreement.  Statements from the trade community have indicated they plan to send a letter urging both parties to seek a quick resolution, hoping to avoid port closures.  Port closures would be very damaging to exporters and importers alike, as witnessed by the LA/LGB strike.


Due to the congestion created by the 8 day strike at the LA/Long Beach terminals Hanjin has announced the following Westbound US to Far East/Asia/Australia Congestion Surcharge.

Effective:                  December 10th, 2012

Expiration:                 December 28th, 2012

Application:    IPI Cargo Via Long Beach, CA, Los Angeles, CA Ports 

Amount:         $160/20’        $200/40’

Note: Applicable to all container types

LA-Long Beach Strike Resolved 12/04/2012

An agreement has been reached, ending the eight-day strike that closed 10 of 14 terminals in the largest US port.

North Star Container is pleased to announce diversions and delays have been at a minimum. We can still expect delays, as 8 days of stoppage have congested the ports. Los Angeles and Long Beach handle nearly half of all cargo that arrives in the US by sea.  Containers have stacked up on the dock, rail yards or, in many cases, remained on arriving ships.  Some of those ships were diverted to other ports along the west coast.  As work resumes vessels that were diverted will be re-worked into the schedule.